At South London Renovations ltd. We specialise in carpentry contracting to the new build construction industry. With over 30 years as a qualified carpenter, our founder and director, Joe Murtagh, has experience in all types of carpentry and indeed construction in general.

We aim to supply top class carpenters to the medium size construction companies and developers. We see ourselves as the perfect sub-contractors for developments of between 5 and 50 units. Although we can accommodate more if required. The majority of our carpenters work on a price work basis, which means they are self motivated individuals who have it in their own interest to complete the projects in good time and fashion. Every dwelling we work in is quality controlled by our expert foremen. We check every plot to insure the highest standards are maintained, meaning once you have employed us you no longer have to worry about such things. We do all aspects of carpentry:

1st fix: truss-roofs, cut and pitch roofs, flat roofs, timber frame buildings, structural stud work, stud partitions, window boards, staircases, windows, doors and frames.

2nd fix: installation of doors, architraves, door stops, skirting, wood floors, ironmongery.

Finals: All types of ironmongery fitted, closers, door handles, shower screens, bath panels etc.

We keep our management structure to a minimum; there are no board of directors here with hefty salaries and cars to match. We don’t run plush offices which you would pay for with inflated prices. We run a basic yet efficient organised office which helps keep our overheads down, and thus give better prices to our clients. When you get a quote from south London renovations ltd. It includes everything we don’t ask for extras for every little detail. We simply provide a quality service at a fair price, which means our clients keep coming back with more work.

We are health and safety aware and compliant.

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For all queries carpentry and beyond – call SLR today on 07932 676 977 or email us and we will be back in touch with you as soon as we can.